7 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space


Your empty walls are an ideal place to decorate your home the way you like. If you are looking for wall decor, take a look at these pieces:

1. 3 Piece Modern Star Wall Decor (Set Of 3)

3+Piece+Star+Wall+Decor+Set (1)

Made from metal and metallic finish, bring statement style to your room. Open design that perfectly blends with bold color palettes. Ideal for living or dining rooms. Add a breezy touch to your place.


2. Metal Tree; Oversized Wall Decor

Metal+Tree+Wall+Decor (1)

For big empty walls that simply have to be decorated with something large and beautiful at the same time. This rustic all-weather iron tree with leaves will perfectly decorate your empty wall and add nature and elegant touch with its raised flourish texture composed of branches and small leaves.


3. Metal Wall Decor (Set Of 2)

2+Piece+Metal+Wall+Dcor+Set (1)

Nothing brings better the feeling of warmth when we are home with our family than these two metal wall decor pieces made from metal for a gorgeous earth touch. It comes with different circular shapes.


4. Distressed Flower Wall Decor

Distressed+Flower+Metal+Wall+Dcor (1)

Stunning gold and blue distressed tones. Make an impressive statement with this model that is suitable for any living.


5. Modern Sun-Inspired Wall Decor

Modern+Sun-Inspired+Wall+Decor (1)

Nature elements are always an unbeatable choice for wall decor. Sun wall decor design from iron construction and lovely distressed gray finish. Decorated with a couple of straight/curved solar rays for a more realistic look.


6. Flying Birds Wall Decor Set

5+Piece+Brushed+Metal+Flying+Birds+Wall+Dcor+Set (1)

An ideal way to decorate a wall next to a window overlooking the water. These 5 birds come with a color palette you have never seen before.


7. Climbing Man Wall Decor

Climbing+Man+Wall+Dcor (1)

Why not choose something different. Show your originality with this unique wall art. An unsurpassed illusion depicting a man being climbing. Eye-catching 3 dimensional decor for your wall.