8 Heaters Recommended for Cozy Home Time


Heater is one tool that is needed in every home. In addition to its function that can warm the room or surroundings, design and function considerations are also considered. Here are some recommendations:

1. 15,000 BTU Propane Mounted Patio Heater


This Patio Heater has good specifications such as: Protector for rear burner safety, has 3 heat settings (high heat, low heat, medium), with propane fuel, 15000 BTU output and only for outdoor use.


2. 11,000 BTU Propane Patio Heater

11000+BTU+Propane+Patio+Heater (1)

Suitable for camping or for small spaces, this patio heater with a heat output of 11,000 BTU and powered by propane is very practical and durable because it is coated with rust resistance.


3. Pyramid Flame 40,000 BTU Propane Patio Heater


With a good shape, this patio heater can also be used as an outdoor decoration in the yard or garden. Equipped with wheels, making it easy to move. Made from galvanized steel, this heater is durable but still stylish. Fueled by propane and a large enough output of 400000BTU is sufficient for your outdoor area.


4. 15,000 BTU Portable Propane Standing Patio Heater


With a very compact form, this heater can be used in the garage or on the dock, made from propane and the output of 15000BTU is sufficient for indoor or outdoor use.


5. 1,500 Watt Electric Infrared Cabinet Heater with Digital Thermostat


Has 3 color choices that are right for your room, space heater is suitable for medium or large rooms. Equipped with an air filter that can be washed for life, a remote control and there are environmentally friendly settings so that the electric power used can be reduced from 1,500 to 750 and an output of 5300BTU.


6. Quietheat15 1500 Watt Electric Fan Compact Heater


A practical heater that can be carried around because of its compact size and model. By consuming 1500 watts of electric power and output of 5120 BTU to warm your room or office space. Moreover, it is equipped with a remote control and whisper-free operation that makes sleeping comfortably without interruption.


7. 700 Watt Electric Forced Air Cabinet Heater


This space heater design looks great like a real fireplace with a 3D fire making it beautiful for your interior. This heater is equipped with a good safety system including a safety tip-over switch, cool exterior housing, and an overheat protection sensor. With 700 watts of power and 2387 output keeps your room warm enough.


8. 1,500 Watt Portable Electric Fan Tower Heater with Digital Remote


Sleek and compact, this heater can be placed anywhere in your room. With 1500 watts of power it is quite convenient, and is equipped with a multi-function remote control so you can control without moving from your location.