Festive Table Setting Tips.


There are many elements that intervene when setting the table. It is not enough to know which pieces to choose, but you also have to place them correctly. The type of celebration, our guests, the menu, furnishings… everything influences the final result. For the correct table setting, follow the tips below.

* Start by placing the plates, since they make up the table’s skeleton and end by placing cutlery, glasses, and napkins.

* According to the protocol rules, the napkins should be placed folded on the plate or on the sides of it, but never inside the glasses. Keep in mind that if they have any embroidery or pattern, they will have to be placed so that the drawing is visible.

* The cutlery corresponding to the first plate is placed on the outside, and those corresponding to the second, on the inside (from outside to inside); the holders are placed to the left and knives and spoons on the right. The dessert cutlery will go on top of the plates horizontally.

* The dishes must be complete and in good condition.

* The glassware must be the same as the crockery in good condition and complete. Place the glasses in front of the plate, and then put the water glass, which is larger, on the left, and the wine glass on the right.

* You can also put a bread basket, or if it is a more formal celebration, an individual plate for the bread, which you will place it on the upper part, on top of the cutlery on the left side.

* The food is served on the left side of the dinner table, and once the plate is finished, it is removed from the right side.

* The drinks are served from the dinner table’s right side, and the wine glasses are half-filled.


Flowers, plants, candles, or fruits will help you give your table a different, more festive air. Do not complicate yourself with large baskets, as a center with leaves and small fruits will be enough. Remember that the decoration of the dining table should not become an obstacle.