Storage Windowsill, A Small Space For Entertaining Friends


A storage windowsill is a great functional and fashionable space to entertain. Add to that the fact that you can also double the space for hidden storage, and what’s there not to like?

If you have been searching for the perfect spot to have afternoon tea and entertain, a storage windowsill is a solution if you’re just having a few people. The natural light from the window makes a storage windowsill a magnificent place to have coffee or tea, and the hidden storage capabilities really make a storage windowsill an amazing addition to a kitchen, dining room, or living room.

A popular storage windowsill idea is the flip-top bench seat. This gives you a storage space that can hold blankets or seasonal decorations, or you can install drawer systems. The benchtop is amazing when you want to relax, cuddle, or entertain guests. Some people even read and take naps on their storage windowsill benches. The versatility is one of the big attractions to storage windowsills.

If your storage windowsill is in the kitchen, you can place your table in front of it and you have additional seating with a view. There would be ample room for a couple to sit there for a meal, or you could enjoy a morning cup of coffee while relaxing on your bench seat. However, you choose to utilize your storage windowsill when entertaining friends, your guests will enjoy the comfort and clear view of the panorama you have to offer.

So, the next time you entertain your neighbors or invite a few friends over for afternoon tea, move the gathering over to your storage windowsill. You’ll be able to enjoy your friends’ company, and take in the great outdoors, as you comfortably perch on convenient use of your home’s storage space.